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Hit Me!

  04/23/18 18:58, by , Categories: News

I was managing the analytics on my blog the other day (yeah, curiosity and the cat thing) and I stumbled upon a very interesting and impressive stat (of course, everything about me is interesting and impressive, but we’ll cover that on a future article titled “The Most Interesting Cat In The World”). Most cats never accumulate 500,000 of anything (unless you count hairs - and those Facebook and YouTube hits don’t count - they’re posted by people), but my blog articles have over 452,000 hits by real people. Now I realize that the wisdom imparted in my articles is akin to a plush oasis nestled in the vast wasteland nothingness of the internet, but I had no idea the traffic I was creating (I’ll have to remember to keep my digital blinds shut, or I’ll have people staring in my Windows). The reason I bring it up? I want to push that number over the 500K barrier. Share it with your friends, your neighbors, even those people you really don’t like (that last one will be our little secret). Together we can do this....okay, you can do this. I’m just going to sit here and watch the counter. Oh, yeah, “Go Day Heating” (I have to include that or I don’t get a treat).

 Hit Me!

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If It Fits, It Ships!

  05/30/17 18:38, by , Categories: News

It happened again. The field-trip from hell. A visit to the vet.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love my vet. I just want to keep the relationship profession and with a three foot minimum “no touching” zone. Poking, prodding – not a fun time.

Of course, on this most recent visit, my silhouette was a subject of much discussion. The vet said I had gotten so large, even my shadow needed to lose weight. The mandate? – A change in diet and a weekly weigh-in (how do you maintain your dignity when you’re put in a cardboard box and set on the office postage scale?).

I have to admit, the change in diet has not gone well. I won’t go into detail, but my cat box location can now be classified as a superfund cleanup site. I’m hoping it starts to improve, or they’ll need to tile the bathroom and install a floor drain.

I guess the silver lining is that as long as I fit in the box, the US Post Office says that I can still be shipped anywhere in the US for $18.85

If It Fits, It Ships!
If It Fits, It Ships!
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The Revolving Chair

  08/31/16 23:12, by , Categories: News

Not long ago, I welcomed Marq to our service department. After 11 months, Marq opted to saddle up and ride into the sunset, accepting a different challenge in his life. Since then, two people have "revolved" through the dispatcher position (the second not even staying long enough to warm up my chair).  After a self-sniff test (are they leaving because I need a bath?) and  an exhaustive and unsuccessful  search for candidate number three, Susanna (spouse of Jim and one of the owners of Day Heating) decided to take on the challenge and re-organize the department. Previously, Susanna had been involved primarily in marketing. There's a skill set connection there somewhere.

Now, I have to say I'm ecstatic that we have someone in the position that is handling the challenge, making positive changes, and keeping the chair warm. However, she keeps her door closed all the time - I'm trying not to take it personal - I'm just waiting outside  and plotting  my revenge.

About the same time that the revolving chair stopped spinning, Megan (Jim & Susanna's daughter) joined the Salem office staff. I was initially very happy to see her (she knows how to scratch a cat!) - until she brought her little black-haired sidekick Rispin to work. He's her service dog and he helps her in a variety of ways (like I didn't help!). I've been waiting for everyone to turn their back so I can strike with my cat-like reflexes (okay, at 19 lbs I move more like a sloth). Someday….

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The New Guy's In My Chair

  09/24/14 23:18, by , Categories: News

Change. Not my favorite thing (unless I'm finding it between the couch seat cushions), but sometimes it's a necessary part of life. And while it is usually painful, change can often produce extremely positive results.
That brings me to some recent changes in the office at Day Heating. Starting in September, Luke began transitioning from his position as service manager to our design and estimation department. Now, I like an empty chair as well as the next cat, but Luke's chair in the service department isn't empty. Marq Hoffert has joined the Day Heating team and is taking over Luke's service manager responsibilities. Marq's many years of experience in our industry and his excellent customer service skills make him a perfect fit to help meet your heating and cooling needs. Call in today to schedule your fall maintenance and experience first-hand Marq's contribution to the "Difference of Day Heating".
Now, if you'll excuse me I have to work on training him where the kitty treats are kept.

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What’s All This Insulation Fur?

  12/17/13 18:56, by , Categories: News, Weatherization


I know it's been a while since I've imparted wisdom - they finally found my hiding spot and set me in front of the keyboard again. I almost made it an entire year without having to work for my treats!



As a cat, I have extensive knowledge and experience on a wide variety of subjects. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’m a virtual cornucopia of insight – if you haven’t read them, it’s your loss (get with it). From my profile picture, you should be able to tell that I'm an authority on insulation (with the fur and the "girth", I think I still have the first BTU of heat I ever produced). While I live green (I can efficiently convert sunlight into sleep on continual basis), many of you don't. Your homes are inefficient and wasting energy at a pace that's faster than I eat kitty treats. Since your home can't grow fur and insulate itself (much as I have), it's up to you to remedy the short-comings of your domicile.



“Where do I start?”

“What needs to be done?”

“Where will I get the biggest bang for my buck?”

“If buttered toast always lands buttered side down and a cat always lands on its feet, what would happen if you tied a piece of buttered toast on the back of a cat and dropped it? “



The answer to the first three questions is “Ahren at Day Energy can help you with that” . For the last question - don’t even think about it!

Ahren is our insulation and duct sealing expert, and with a visit to your home and a simple (but thorough) inspection, he can let you know if your homes insulation could use improving or if your ducts are leaking more than they should (sounds like a personal problem). Ahren also has up-to-date information on the incentive and tax credit programs that may apply to your project. Call today and set an appointment – or, you can wait for the house to grow fur. Your call.

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