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Category: "News"

Alex, I’ll Take Recycling for $200

  12/20/12 23:00, by , Categories: News
Recycling has been working its way into being a buzz word for the last two generations, but I want you to know that cats have been recycling for thousands of years. Nothing on the planet can recycle loose pelt hair into hair balls faster than a feline!… more »
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Veteran's Day

  11/12/12 18:43, by , Categories: News
Veteran. An experienced soldier or former member of the armed forces. When I hear the word, I think of an older gentleman who has seen combat (and, knowing how I can be during my doctor visits, I’m wondering if the word “veterinarian” wasn’t coined base… more »
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I Want A Doctor That Bowls

  10/02/12 18:35, by , Categories: News
I’m like most people – maybe even just like you (except I’m better looking). I hate going to the doctor. I realize that this feeling does not make me unique – on the contrary, this bandwagon is squatting under the weight (literally) of those who have ho… more »
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Momma Left Town

  09/06/12 17:42, by , Categories: News
It’s with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Jenny – sad because Jenny has been my Mamma since I arrived at Day Heating four years ago. She cooked for me (okay, she opened the can and fed me), she cleaned up after me and she entertained me (nobody… more »
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Summertime And The Livin Is Easy

  07/26/12 17:32, by , Categories: News
Being a cat in Oregon has its drawbacks. We’re not real fond of water (except for drinking and playing in the sink), so that whole “forty days and forty nights of rain” thing that goes on here most of the year gets old real fast – even for those of us w… more »
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