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Category: "News"

Your Thermal Guardian

  03/09/12 04:12, by , Categories: News
I think it's definitely time to share some more feline wisdom. If I go too long, you may go into withdrawal, and we wouldn't want that to happen! ? As I was taking a bath the other day (I guess I'm kind of like Timex - I take a "licking" and keep on t… more »
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It's a Tankless Job

  01/30/12 12:34, by , Categories: News, Tankless Water Heaters
Last time my excuse was holiday over-eating. This time I'm going with "I couldn't get to the computer because of the flooding". That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. But now that we're dry(er), I'm out of excuses (well, I do have "The dog ate my keyboard" more »
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The End is Near!

  12/27/11 12:09, by , Categories: News, Incentives, Geothermal, Ductless Heat Pump
Just a quick reminder that many incentives change or are eliminated at the end of the year. If you are waiting on having a project installed, make sure you check and see if there are changes in the incentives. Federal geothermal tax credits are not supp… more »
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I Remember When.....

  12/27/11 11:58, by , Categories: News
I gotta say that Christmas was worse on my expanding fur pelt than Thanksgiving was, but it was a good time for the family to get together and pay attention to me. ?During the holiday I heard a lot of stories told ? some of them quite nostalgic. I thou… more »
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Less Isn't More (Part 3 - More Pointers from the Cat)

  11/14/11 19:14, by , Categories: News
If you haven't read parts 1 & 2, I highly recommend them (after all, I did write them). Reading them will give you context for part 3 - however, if you tend to be the obstinate type and wish to do things your way, the wisdom here will still transcen… more »
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