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Category: "News"

Is There a Doctor in the House?

  10/28/11 20:38, by , Categories: News
In spite of the fact I consider myself fascinating, I try and keep the discussions here related to Day Heating. However, from time to time I may choose to share stories and details that are entirely about me. This is one of those times?. Today I had my… more »
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Less Isn't More (Part 2 - Pointers from the Cat)

  10/21/11 11:33, by , Categories: News
In part one of my article, I told a sad story of a homeowner who thought she was getting more for less, then found out that there were hidden costs that drove the final price up. In this article (part two), I?m going to impart some of my famous feline w… more »
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Less Isn't More

  10/08/11 14:22, by , Categories: News
As you can tell from my photo, I whole-heartedly subscribe to the notion that less isn?t more. But this article is not about my physique. I recently overheard a conversation in the office (it only looks like I?m sleeping) that I felt would make a good… more »
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How to follow me without effort!

  10/08/11 14:21, by , Categories: Welcome, News
Before I get the ball rolling (cats like things that roll), here's a little tidbit of information that can help you receive my posts automatically. In the bottom of the right column on this page,? there is a line that says ?RSS 2.0: Posts, Comments?. If… more »
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Chuck's First Blog

  09/27/11 16:21, by , Categories: Welcome, News
Welcome to my blog! For those of you new to the internet, a "blog" is a web log or, more succinctly, a way for you to obtain my vast wisdom without coming to see me in person. I have to admit that the first time I heard the term "blogging" I thought it… more »
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