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Veteran's Day

  11/12/12 18:43, by , Categories: News

Veteran. An experienced soldier or former member of the armed forces. When I hear the word, I think of an older gentleman who has seen combat (and, knowing how I can be during my doctor visits, I’m wondering if the word “veterinarian” wasn’t coined based on what I put the doctor through).

All joking aside, it’s difficult to put into words what we (as a country and as individuals) owe those who have given of themselves, their time and possibly even their very lives to ensure our freedom and the freedom of our children and grandchildren. We reserve one day during the year to overtly honor them, but we should take every opportunity to personally thank them. Few things have sent chills down my spine like being in an airport where a number of uniformed soldiers are disembarking from a flight and the people present spontaneously begin to applaud and thank them.

There are many organizations that can help you support soldiers currently serving our nation – everything from sending a simple thank you note to cakes and goodies. I encourage you to take the opportunity (not just on this one day, but through-out the year) to show your appreciation to our armed forces.

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Your Luggage Is In The Flowerbed

  10/02/12 18:41, by , Categories: Ductless Heat Pump

The Pacific Northwest has a lot to offer – ocean beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes and a climate that’s perfectly suited to maximizing the performance of a heat pump. While there are many types of heat pump units, the two most common types are ducted and ductless. Ducted heat pumps have been around for over 60 years, and the technology just keeps getting better and better – but where most things tend to shrink as technology gets improves, the physical size of heat pumps has grown dramatically over the years. In many cases, today’s unit can be as much as three time larger than a unit of equivalent capacity from 30 years ago. The demand for higher efficiency can only be met in part by technology – the rest comes from having a larger coil surface area to exchange heat between the indoor and outdoor air.

However, ductless units have been able to squeeze more from the technology side and haven’t bulked up on the physical side like their ducted cousin. At close to the size of a checked piece of luggage, the ductless outdoor unit is roughly 40% smaller than the ducted outdoor unit. Better to have the luggage in the flowerbed than something the size of a small storage shed (although if they put doors on the side, you would have a place to park the riding lawn mower…).

A smaller outdoor footprint is not the only benefit of a ductless system. In many cases the major challenge of heating and cooling a space is getting ducting installed between the HVAC equipment and the space itself. With a ductless system, the indoor and outdoor units are connected with two insulated copper tubes – the bundle can easily fit into a 2” diameter space.

A ductless unit is not the answer in every case – the configuration of rooms and openness of the floor plan can play a big part in whether a ductless unit is a feasible choice or not – but it is an extremely efficient and flexible choice when properly applied.

To learn more about ductless units and ductless technology, click here to check out the ductless section of Day Heating’s website.. To find out if a ductless unit is right for your situation, give the folks at Day Heating a call – in Salem at (503) 363-4822 or in Corvallis at (541) 452-5111. Day Heating, There is a Difference!

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I Want A Doctor That Bowls

  10/02/12 18:35, by , Categories: News

I’m like most people – maybe even just like you (except I’m better looking). I hate going to the doctor. I realize that this feeling does not make me unique – on the contrary, this bandwagon is squatting under the weight (literally) of those who have hopped on. But I believe I may have a solution! Bear with me for a moment.

The main reason we all hate going to the doctor (other than the probing blue-gloved hand and the needles) is that our doctors always take the opportunity to tell us that the number our scales spits at us every morning is too high. Now, I believe that this irrational “fear” of large numbers on the part of our physicians comes about from the fact that most doctors play golf – a game where the player spends a significant amount of time and money trying to avoid large numbers. Don’t get ahead of me – I’m just about to show some genius.

Now, consider this…if your doctor bowled instead of playing golf, he’d be enthused about those higher numbers (possibly confused if they top 300, but I’m working on that). No more nagging about dieting, getting the weight down, lowering the body-mass index and all those other things that smell of carrot sticks and celery. Instead, order a pizza and throw heavy round objects (no, you may not throw me).

Why am I burning precious thought energy on such an interesting hypothesis, you ask? Check-up time is not far off. Based on the last unofficial weighing, I have a feeling that a diet is in my future unless I can somehow stack the deck in my favor. Now I just have to figure out what to do about the blue glove and the needles.

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Momma Left Town

  09/06/12 17:42, by , Categories: News

It’s with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Jenny

– sad because Jenny has been my Mamma since I arrived at Day Heating four years ago. She cooked for me (okay, she opened the can and fed me), she cleaned up after me and she entertained me (nobody can toss a kitty treat onto the lobby floor and get it to bounce like her). I’d lay on the desk in front of her keyboard just to see how much she would take before she “relocated” me.

– happy because on the occasions when they thought I “needed” it, Jenny gave me baths (bleakkkk). I never bit her (should have, but I didn’t), and I always took it like a man (well, after that first trip to the vet it’s as close to taking it like a man as I’m gonna get).

Jenny was more than our receptionist. She was our tax credit and rebate paperwork expert, processed invoices and was an absolute whirlwind when it came to data entry. She also helped in the service department when Luke was on vacation. She’ll be missed by all as she moves to Bend to attend college.

Now comes the tough part – training her replacement….Hey! You! You’re supposed to follow me when I go to the kitchen!!

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Summertime And The Livin Is Easy

  07/26/12 17:32, by , Categories: News

Being a cat in Oregon has its drawbacks. We’re not real fond of water (except for drinking and playing in the sink), so that whole “forty days and forty nights of rain” thing that goes on here most of the year gets old real fast – even for those of us who stare at it through the window. Sure, we have a few sunny days during the non-summer part of the year (and I spend those spread out in front of the window like melted butter on toast, soaking up every BTU).


The last couple years it seems like summer just hasn’t quite been able to get its butt out of bed and get going (no “pot calling the kettle black” comments from the peanut gallery), leaving us feeling like our summer is more of an extended spring – not real warm, a sunny day or two here and there followed by cold nights and rain sprinkled in for good measure (so much for global warming). Enough of the whining, though.


Since we can’t change the weather by talking about it (meteorologists have been trying for years and you can see how well that works out for them), and we can’t move the state, the best we can do is make the most of the hand (paw?) we’re dealt. “How do we do that?” you ask. First, get therapy (‘cause you’re talking to a cat, and that’s the first sign that your elevator doesn’t go all the way to the penthouse). After that, the goal is to maximize your comfort. Some choose to go south for the winter – if you can swing that deal it’s a pretty good way to go. For those of us who stay behind and keep the lights on, a good heating and cooling system is a must. A comfortable house and low utility bills help ease the pain of living here full time. Day Heating can help you achieve those goals, and maybe what you save on your utility bills you can put toward a winter get-away (or more important things like toys and catnip for the cat).

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