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Indoor Air Quality – Air Purification

Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever thought about what lurks in your home's ductwork?

Most homeowners have no idea what goes on inside their home's air ducts. But the fact is, they can become littered with years of accumulated dirt, debris and allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander. Since your heating system draws air in and circulates it through your duct system back into your home, it's the logical point at which to filter and purify the air, stopping the spread of contaminants that are introduced into your home on a daily basis.

Air Filters
Basic purification and filtration starts with a good air filter. Disposable filters typically range in thickness from 1″ to 5 1/4″, with the most common sizes being 1″, 2″ and 4″ in thickness. A 4″ pleated filter has 8 times the filtering surface area of a 1″ standard poly filter – however, your system configuration may limit the thickness of filter you can use. Also, hold your new filter up to a light. The easier it is to see through the filter, the more contaminants it will allow to pass through it.

Electronic Air Cleaners
Electronic Air Cleaners (or EACs) are permanent filters that are approximately 90% efficient in capturing airborne particles. These units have removable cells that need to be washed every 3-4 months and, with proper care, should last for many years. EAC's are especially adept at removing pollens and allergens from the air, making them very popular with those who suffer from hay fever and similar allergies.

Combination Units
With advances in technology, several manufacturers have developed units that combine the benefits of EAC's (extremely high efficiency capture) with the main benefit of standard air filters (disposability –throw it away and the contaminants go with the filter). Talk to us about your needs and let us help you select the proper filter to keep you comfortable and your equipment protected. Call today: 503-363-4822 in Salem or 541-452-5111 in Corvallis.