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Ductless Heat Pump Salem – Bryant Ductless Heat Pump Corvallis

Ductless Heat Pumps

Get More When You Go Less! Enjoy Bryant Ductless Heating and Cooling.

The ductless heat pump is taking the nation by storm! Although considered new to the US, ductless heat pumps have been heating the world for years. As a matter of fact, the ductless heat pump is the primary heating and cooling solution for most of Asia and Europe.

It's plain to see why ductless heating and cooling are quickly replacing traditional methods of heating and cooling your home. For one, ductless heat pumps don't require any duct work. So they are the perfect solution for anyone considering a remodeling project or home addition. Instead of having to run additional ductwork through your home, you can choose a ductless heat pump and have it easily installed in hours.

And because there is no ductwork, they forego energy losses typically associated with central forced-air systems. It's simple. No duct work. No energy loss. Duct losses can easily account for more than 30% of energy consumption. Most homeowners don't think of their duct work, but they should. Ducts that are not sealed tight are like a vampire stealing precious heat or cooling from your home.

Ductless Heat Pumps offer some of the highest energy efficiencies around. Many homeowners are experiencing up to 50% savings on their electric bill.

And, a ductless heat pump both heats AND cools. Instead of having to invest in a furnace and an air conditioning unit, the ductless heat pump offers both heating and cooling.

The advanced technology of a ductless heat pump also provides features you wouldn't expect. Bryant units have an Intelligent Eye feature - an infrared sensor with the ability to sense movement in the room. When you are in the room, the unit operates normally. If you leave the room for more than 20 minutes the unit automatically changes to an energy-saving operation. Using the intelligent eye, savings of up to 20% in cooling and up to 30% in heating, can be achieved.

With a rating as high as 26-SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), ductless split systems are Energy Star rated and qualify for incentives and rebates. Call us today to see how a ductless heat pump can save you money, save energy and provide a higher level of comfort. Call today. Salem: 503-363-4822 and Corvallis 541-452-5111