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Ductless Is Great Alternative For Whole House

Ductless heat pumps may have gotten their claim to fame by replacing expensive type of home heating like cadet wall heaters and baseboard heaters.  But don't let that fool you, the ductless heat pump is a work horse than can be used to heat and cool your home all year long.

Although the ductless system may seem new to you, the truth is they are the way around the world use to heat and cool their homes. The innovative system is a significant improvement over traditional forced air systems like gas furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps.  A few of the reasons to install a ductless heat pump in your home:

  1. Save Money. Save Energy. The ductless heat pump is one of the highest efficiency heating and cooling systems you can buy. Many units are ENERGY STAR rated and may qualify for rebates and incentives.
  2. 2—in-1 Functionality. Gone are the days of needing to purchase a furnace AND an air conditioner. When you go ductless you get the functionality of heating and cooling in one unit.
  3. It's Scalable. The beauty of a ductless system is you can start with just one indoor head and add as you need to.  Ductless heat pumps require one outdoor unit to begin with, but you can install up to eight indoor heads. These heads can be dispersed through your home according to your wants and needs.  You'll gain a greater degree of control over how you heat and cool your home because each head can be independently controlled. This is referred to as zonal heating. Zonal heating and cooling is much easier with a ductless system.
  4. Increased Home Comfort. Who wants to hear the heat "kick" on and off all night long? Ductless heat pumps are very quiet - some refer to it as "whisper quiet" - you barely hear them at all.
  5. You get flexibility! With a ductless system, you can heat or cool just the rooms you want.  Are there just a few rooms in your home that get used? You can control the temperature in just one room to save on heating and cooling costs. Maybe you have someone in your family that is always hotter or colder than others?  Each room can be adjusted separately so that everyone is comfortable and happy. Heat just the rooms you need or heat the whole house, either way the ductless heat pump will get the job done.
  6. Easy to install. Going ductless is easier than you may think. Ductless systems can be installed in your home very affordably - you may even qualify for rebates and incentives. For a simple installation, your contractor will most likely be in and out in a day.
  7. Easy on the environment. Did you know that traditional forced air systems can lose up to 30% of energy due to leaks in the ductwork? With a ductless system, this is not a factor as the heated or cooled air is delivered directly to you. Ductless systems offer some of the highest efficiencies in the industry, so you'll be reducing your footprint while you increase your home comfort.
  8. Highest customer satisfaction. Ductless heat pump owners have the highest level of customer satisfaction of any heating and cooling product.

If it's time to upgrade or replace your old furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, it is a great time to consider a ductless heat pump for your home heating and cooling. Or if you're planning a home addition, a remodel, building a new structure, or updating your electric heat, consider the switch to ductless. You'll save money now and throughout the system's life while enjoying a more efficient and effective heating and cooling alternative.

Installing a ductless heat pump is one of the best choices you can make for your home. Get A Quote, Ask An Expert or Call Today!

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