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Why Bryant

Where Ultimate Comfort Meets Ultimate Reliability

Choosing the right ductless mini split system requires the right technology and the right manufacturer. Bryant’s inverter-driven compressor gets the job done every time. It’s energy efficient and it’s powerful. Bryant® Ductless can achieve heating down to -22 degrees and cooling up to 130 degrees.

We’re proud to introduce Bryant Ductless Systems
Since 1904, Bryant has done Whatever It Takes® to bring great heating and cooling solutions to homes and businesses. Bryant has a strong reputation for delivering quality solutions. Bryant has built their reputation on quality. We chose Bryan for a variety of reasons.

Bryant ® offers a complete line of ductless HVAC systems
Bryant® ductless systems are designed to make any space more comfortable. You’ll find these ductless systems to be versatile and flexible in design.

Bryant uses their heat pump technology, which is quieter and more efficient than alternatives like baseboard heating or electric devices.

Bryant ductless systems are energy efficient
Ductless heat pumps offer some of the industry’s highest efficiencies. Many units are ENERGY STAR® rated and may qualify for rebates and incentives.

Bryant ductless systems are flexibly and easily expandable
An indoor unit, mounted in your home is connected via a refrigerant line and wires to an outdoor unit. This eliminates the need for ductwork and allows for great installation flexibility- and ultimately, gives you the comfort you want, exactly where you want it. Or if you have more than one problem room, don’t worry. Up to 9 indoor units can be installed using the same outdoor unit.

Bryant Ductless systems are convenient and easy to use
The convenient wireless remote control allows for simple programming of your system by lifting nothing more than your finger. The units are easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to add on to.

Bryant Ductless Systems are aesthetically pleasing
You’ll appreciate the low profile and super quiet performance. A ductless system gets the job done and gets it done quietly!

If you're considering going ductless, you can rest assure that Bryant has a unit perfect system for your home. We realize that homes come in all shapes and sizes so we won't try and make one of our units fit your home. With Bryant you'll get the freedom of choice.

Unlike a conventional furnace system, Bryant ductless systems are duct-free so you'll enjoy a quick and easy installation, the perfect solution for both new homes or as a heating solution for home renovations and home additions.

The bottom line is that a Bryant ductless heat pump is a safe and smart choice. Bryant delivers exceptional products and superb reliability. Don't take our word for it, see what our clients say. Then call Day Heating and Cooling today for a complimentary consultation.

Salem: 503-363-4822 and in Corvallis: 541-452-5111.