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Navien Tankless (PDFs)

Tankless Water Heater Details

Tankless Water Heater Details

When you want to find yourself in hot water!!

Not all tankless water heaters are the same. They vary in features, quality, response time, capacity and efficiency. Selecting the right equipment and configuring it properly is crucial to having the system meet your expectations.We've installed hundreds of tankless water heaters, so we have the expertise you need.

Typically, homeowners start shopping for a tankless water heater for one of three reasons:
1. Their current unit doen't provide enough hot water.
2. Their current unit is costing too much to operate.
3. They need something that takes up less space.

The right tankless water heater can address any (or all) of these issues. After extensive research, Day Heating and Cooling proudly presents the industry leader in tankless water heating technology - Navien.

Navien Tankless Water Heater

NAVIEN – What sets Navien apart from the competition? Efficiency. With a 98% efficiency rating, Navienis the most efficient tankless unit on the market today. Navien utilizes an ultra-efficient condensing technology, which uses less gas resulting in a signification reduction of green gas emissions - better for you, better for the environment. Add to that it's ultra-quiet operation, stainless steel heat exchanger and standard PVC venting, and Navien is in a class by itself.



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