Ahhhhh…the Weekends (Or life without the unwashed masses, as I like to think of it)


I am content lounging in my camouflaging “cat tub”. Those of you who pilgrimage to Day Heating to view me in all my glory are familiar with what I’m referring to. I am right there in front of you, and yet I blend in like a Ninja. “Where’s the cat?” you ask, as I enjoy your ignorance on display for all to see. Once you find me (no, I’m not Waldo) and speak your enticements in the most seductive way, I might bother to come get a tummy rub from you (make it a good one, or it’s the claws for you). Anyway, most weekdays there is quite a bit of foot traffic in the office area. That’s why I look forward to the weekends. While there are still a few of the staff (servants) working in their offices, I have free reign of the interior without worrying about being trampled by oblivious peasants. There is space to breathe – and, just like me, your air conditioner enjoys breathing as well. Maturing bushes and trees, weeds, plants, dead leaves and discarded relatives from the holidays will make your system wheeze like it’s got a hairball (trust me on this one – I know). But given some love and attention, your unit will purr along and help you keep your cool in the process (without even begging for kitty treats).

Paw print.

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