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Video – Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Forget Your Comfort!

November 30, 2023
Remodeling Your Home? Don’t Forget Your Comfort! A couple sitting on the floor in their new home.

Planning to remodel your home? Don’t forget about your heating and cooling system. Remodeling is the perfect time to add more comfort to your home—and it starts with your heating and cooling system.

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Video – 5 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

October 17, 2023
5 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor. To help you pick the right company to work with, here are some key questions to ask contractors during the bidding process.

Your heating and cooling system is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your home. Be sure to do some research before you buy anything to get the most value for your money. And make sure you are working with a company you can trust to do the job right.

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Video – Duct Cleaning Can Reduce Allergies

September 26, 2023
Duct Cleaning Can Reduce Allergies. Sick woman talking on the phone in her home.

Your home’s air ducts connect to your heating and cooling system, which carries all the air in your home. When you are breathing your home’s air, it is optimal for the traveling air to be as clean as possible, because it carries particles or debris that will settle in the ducts and carry it straight to you. Having clear air ducts is one of the primary things that contribute to good indoor air quality (IAQ), which the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states is a prime concern in relation to pollutants in the home.

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Video – When Do I Need to Replace the Batteries in My Smoke Detector?

June 27, 2023
Man changing the batteries in a CO detector

Change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors. It’s an easy reminder to replace them and is very important for your safety!

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Video – HVAC Equipment for Your New Home

April 27, 2023
2 men working on a construction site of a house.

Building a new home is an exciting adventure, but it can get overwhelming. That’s why our team is ready to step in and help you select the best possible heating and cooling system for your home and budget.

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Video – Should I Set My Thermostat to ON or AUTO?

March 28, 2023
Thermostat that reads: Should you set your thermostat to on or auto in your home?

On most thermostats, you can choose between On or Auto for your fan setting.

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Video – Upgrade Your Furnace

October 27, 2022
woman who is cold, wrapped up in a blanket.

Upgrading your furnace will increase energy efficiency and heating cost reduction. Call Day Heating Company today to schedule an appointment!

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Video – What Should I Do If My Water Heater Is Leaking?

September 27, 2022
leaky water heater

Is your water heater leaking? Here’s what you need to do: First, find the location of the leak. This will be helpful for you and your service technician.

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Video – Why Do I Need to Change My AC Filter?

August 31, 2022
Why Do I Need to Change My AC Filter?

If you are not changing the filter in your AC system like you change the oil in your car you risk overworking it and damaging it which could result in expensive repairs or even replacement!

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Video – Energy Saving Tip 1

July 25, 2022
Grilling some hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill

No secret that cooking on a cold day is nice sometimes, but on a hot day it will warm your house up in an unnecessary way by wasting energy.

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