Hit Me!


I was managing the analytics on my blog the other day (yeah, curiosity and the cat thing) and I stumbled upon a very interesting and impressive stat (of course, everything about me is interesting and impressive, but we’ll cover that on a future article titled “The Most Interesting Cat In The World”). Most cats never accumulate 500,000 of anything (unless you count hairs – and those Facebook and YouTube hits don’t count – they’re posted by people), but my blog articles have over 452,000 hits by real people. Now I realize that the wisdom imparted in my articles is akin to a plush oasis nestled in the vast wasteland nothingness of the internet, but I had no idea the traffic I was creating (I’ll have to remember to keep my digital blinds shut, or I’ll have people staring in my Windows). The reason I bring it up? I want to push that number over the 500K barrier. Share it with your friends, your neighbors, even those people you really don’t like (that last one will be our little secret). Together we can do this….okay, you can do this. I’m just going to sit here and watch the counter. Oh, yeah, “Go Day Heating” (I have to include that or I don’t get a treat).

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