Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy


Being a cat in Oregon has its drawbacks. We’re not real fond of water (except for drinking and playing in the sink), so that whole “forty days and forty nights of rain” thing that goes on here most of the year gets old real fast – even for those of us who stare at it through the window. Sure, we have a few sunny days during the non-summer part of the year (and I spend those spread out in front of the window like melted butter on toast, soaking up every BTU).

The last couple years it seems like summer just hasn’t quite been able to get its butt out of bed and get going (no “pot calling the kettle black” comments from the peanut gallery), leaving us feeling like our summer is more of an extended spring – not real warm, a sunny day or two here and there followed by cold nights and rain sprinkled in for good measure (so much for global warming). Enough of the whining, though.

Since we can’t change the weather by talking about it (meteorologists have been trying for years and you can see how well that works out for them), and we can’t move the state, the best we can do is make the most of the hand (paw?) we’re dealt. “How do we do that?” you ask. First, get therapy (‘cause you’re talking to a cat, and that’s the first sign that your elevator doesn’t go all the way to the penthouse). After that, the goal is to maximize your comfort. Some choose to go south for the winter – if you can swing that deal it’s a pretty good way to go. For those of us who stay behind and keep the lights on, a good heating and cooling system is a must. A comfortable house and low utility bills help ease the pain of living here full time. Day Heating can help you achieve those goals, and maybe what you save on your utility bills you can put toward a winter get-away (or more important things like toys and catnip for the cat).

Paw print.

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