Is There a Doctor in the House?


In spite of the fact I consider myself fascinating, I try and keep the discussions here related to Day Heating. However, from time to time I may choose to share stories and details that are entirely about me. This is one of those times.

Today I had my annual checkup. About now I’m sure you have some images taking shape in your head, but let me help you out. When you go to the doctor, they stick an electronic probe in your mouth to take your temperature. For me, not so lucky. I let the nurse know that if she ever intended to do that again, it had better be preceded by dinner and a movie. Next, she pulled back my lips and looked at my teeth (sure hoped washed her hands after taking my temperature- I mean, sure, I lick there, but that’s different). Then I get poked twice, shot by an air injector (that scared me enough to use one of my nine lives) and told I’m overweight and need to go on a diet. Next time somebody talks about “taking a ride”, I’m going into hiding.

Paw print.

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