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Corvallis, OR

Air Conditioning

Here in Corvallis, Oregon you have choices to make when it comes to your air conditioning––one of the biggest is deciding between central and window air conditioning. At Day Heating & Cooling, we certainly repair, maintain, and install both types, but since central air conditioning has many advantages over window air conditioners, we believe in most cases this is the wiser choice. Central air conditioning is more efficient and more effective than its window counterpart.

Though central air conditioners are more expensive to purchase and install than window air conditioners, their advantages compensate for the initial expense over time. Advantages you’ll experience in your home compared with window systems are lower energy costs, improved indoor air quality (IAQ), quieter operation, multiple-room cooling, out-of-the-way system components, programmable-thermostat controlled, and security considerations.

Central air conditioners can be retrofitted into your home with your current heating system. If you have a forced-air furnace with ductwork, the air-conditioning system can easily utilize your current setup. If you have steam or hot water as your heating base, you won’t have ductwork, so ductwork would need to be installed. But it’s still all doable––and you’ll realize all the same benefits when all is said and done.

When it comes to your home, you want a professional team on your side who cares about your comfort and satisfaction. That’s why you want Day Heating & Cooling. We’re the experts who care about giving you the very best investment while ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. We repair, maintain, and install all types of air conditioners. Call us at 503-363-4822 to discuss how we can help you with yours.

Air Ducts

The air ducts in your home, also known as your home’s ductwork, are an important part of your heating-and-cooling system. All the warm and cool air flowing from your system to all parts of your home does so through these air ducts. At Day Heating & Cooling we recognize the importance of keeping your ductwork in the best condition it can be. Keeping it well sealed prevents leaks and lost energy. Keeping it well maintained and clean prevents poor indoor air quality (IAQ). We believe in the adage that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Here in Corvallis, Oregon we take both our energy efficiency and air quality seriously. Our professional team knows to have a high level of each of these in your home, you need to start with a high-quality system of ductwork. That’s why when we’re designing an HVAC system for your home, we pay special attention to your air ducts. We are not a one-size-fits-all company. Our expert team will custom design and fabricate the optimum system for you and your home’s needs, only utilizing the highest-quality sheet metal and materials. We know these same ducts we’re designing, creating, and installing are an essential piece of your heating-and-cooling system and will help determine your system’s energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Whether you require new ductwork to accompany your new HVAC system or a retrofit, our air ducts team will use their cutting-edge methods and high-technology tools to give you the optimum in ductwork. The same applies to repairs and maintenance. If your ductwork has leaks and requires repairs and/or resealing, our team will address the issues in the same professional manner, being sure you’re 100 percent satisfied with the job when they’re finished.

No matter what your home’s air ducts needs are, call our reliable Day Heating & Cooling team at 503-363-4822. We are always available for you.

Ductless Heat Pumps

With so many ductless heat pumps (also called ductless mini-splits, ductless systems, or ductless split systems) already installed in Corvallis, Oregon homes, there’s a high likelihood you’ve heard of them. And with good reason. Ductless systems can offer more flexibility and energy efficiency than more traditional forced-air systems. At Day Heating & Cooling, our experienced and knowledgeable team of technicians are installing more and more of these HVAC systems than ever before.

The reason these type of heat pumps are called ductless is because they don’t require any ductwork like the furnaces and air conditioners you typically see in homes. This makes them more flexible for installation and comfort and usually more energy efficient. Since ductless systems only consist of a small wall- or ceiling-mounted indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and the conduit requiring a three-inch hole for connection, these units can be installed in most any room in your home, hence their install flexibility. They also offer the ability to install several indoor units per one outdoor unit, so you gain flexibility in custom heating and cooling throughout your home, creating specific zones.

As far as energy efficiency with ductless, without the need for ductwork, energy isn’t lost via poor seals or small holes that can waste up to 30 percent of your home’s energy. Also with the flexibility of creating zones in your home and custom heating and cooling––somewhat like heating and cooling on demand––your home’s energy is being used extremely efficiently. This is reflected in your energy costs, saving you money.

At Day Heating & Cooling, we offer Bryant’s ductless heat pump with a high-technology feature––Intelligent Eye. This infrared sensor senses movement in the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly, yet another energy-saving aspect. With ductless heat pumps having so much to offer, it’s time you considered one for your home if you haven’t already. Call us at 503-363-4822 to discuss your options or if you currently have one in your home and it needs a repair or maintenance.

Gas Furnaces

Choosing the right gas furnace for your home here in Corvallis, Oregon is an important decision. There’s a lot involved––you want to be sure it’s got great energy efficiency, it’s the appropriate size, and it’s a good price. At Day Heating & Cooling, you can count on our professionals using their years of experience to help you select the perfect gas furnace for your needs and budget. And you never need worry about us trying to sell you something you don’t need or isn’t right for you. In addition to being highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced, our team is trustworthy and reliable––we only want your ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Typically you can now count on furnaces having a 15-to-20-year lifespan. When you purchase a new furnace, you want to be sure you’re getting the most value from your investment in terms of both your furnace and its energy. A higher-efficiency gas furnace is usually best, as it ultimately saves you energy and money (although we always present a few options to all our homeowners). The higher the efficiency rating––the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency)––the more efficient the furnace is. So even if a higher-efficiency gas furnace costs a little more up front, you will recoup those costs in energy savings typically within five years.

If your current furnace still has years of life yet, you may only need repairs and/or maintenance. Our years in the business make us experts in this area as well––with all makes and models. If your furnace is starting to make strange noises or isn’t heating as consistently, give us a call. One of our certified technicians will promptly be out to get to the bottom of the issue for you. Or if your furnace unexpectedly stops and you have no heat, we’ll promptly come out to diagnose it and make the necessary repair. Of course with regular maintenance you shouldn’t experience too many unexpected repairs. Our team can help prevent those by spotting issues before they arise. Also, proper maintenance can extend your system’s lifespan, so you’re sure to maximize your investment.

Call our Day Heating & Cooling experts at 503-363-4822 if we can help you.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Yet another efficient type of heating we offer at Day Heating & Cooling is geothermal heat pumps, or ground source heat pumps (GSHP). As its name implies, this type of heat pump utilizes geothermal energy, or the Earth’s heat, for its heating and cooling. Like all heat pumps, it doesn’t create its own heat from fossil-fuel combustion. Rather, it appropriates the constant-temperature heat from below the Earth’s surface or from in-ground water and transfers it to inside your home in the winter––or in the summer operates in reverse by removing the warm air from indoors and transferring it back underground.

This type of HVAC system has several advantages over its more-traditional counterparts. It’s cost effective, using less electricity than traditional heating-and-cooling systems. It’s reliable, having few moving parts and mostly residing inside protected. It’s sustainable, depending on the Earth’s rarely fluctuating constant temperature. It’s environmentally friendly, using less electricity than other heating-and-cooling systems and not creating residual toxins. These are just a few of the advantages of these geothermal heat pumps. More and more Corvallis, Oregon homeowners––just like you––are switching to this type of renewable technology and reaping both the comfort, energy, and financial benefits it has to offer.

Our professional technicians at Day Heating & Cooling have been installing, repairing, and maintaining these effective heating-and-cooling systems for years. Give us a call at 503-363-4822––we would love to talk with you about geothermal heat pumps.

Heat Pumps

It’s a popular HVAC myth that heat pumps can only work in year-round warmer climates. Here in Corvallis, Oregon our certified and experienced technicians have successfully installed, repaired, and maintained heat pumps for many homeowners. At Day Heating & Cooling, we don’t offer boilerplate plans. Each recommendation we make is customized, entirely contingent upon the individual needs of each homeowner. As such, our professional team often recommends heat pumps as the preferred heating-and-cooling system––with good reason. They offer many advantages and are a wonderful answer to cost-effective and reliable comfort in your home.

Heat pumps operate differently than more-traditional HVAC systems. Typically heating-and-cooling systems create their own warmth or coolness by burning a type of fuel via combustion. Conversely, heat pumps simply transfer heat from one area to another to heat or cool your home. During the colder seasons, your heat pump will extract its heat from the outdoor air and transfer it indoors. Then in the warmer seasons, your heat pump will remove the warmer air from inside your home and send it outdoors, leaving your home cool and comfortable. This process makes the system very cost effective, energy efficient, and reliable.

With more and more area homeowners recognizing the benefits of heat pumps, our Day Heating & Cooling expert technicians are working with more of them on a regular basis. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about them or to visit your home and take a look at yours for repair or maintenance. Call us 503-363-4822 today.

Indoor Air Quality

Most people don’t give the air they breathe inside their homes here in Corvallis, Oregon a second thought, automatically assuming it’s clean. But that may not be the case at all. Your indoor air quality, or IAQ, can be suffering due to many sources, carrying contaminants and toxins straight to your lungs. At Day Heating & Cooling, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals have recommendations on how to improve your indoor air quality and keep it at a desirable level. In addition to helping you cultivate remarkable comfort in your home, our expert team wants to assist you in achieving the healthiest indoor-air environment we can.

Indoor air quality is directly affected by several factors––outdoor air, HVAC ductwork, home-cleaning and personal products, pets, items releasing particles/gas or creating combustion, furnishings, smoking, mold, carpeting––really anything in your home. As a result, without proper filtering and/or air purification, you and those living in your home can suffer from poor health. These particles and contaminants can directly cause or contribute to chronic illness or disease. For example, you may believe you have allergies, but in reality you may be actually experiencing the consequences of poor indoor air quality.

All the air distributed throughout your home does so by way of your home’s ductwork. Particles, contaminants, mold, and pet hair all accumulate in the duct system and are picked up by the air traveling through and dispersed straight to you. That’s one of the primary reasons it’s of the utmost importance to keep your ductwork clean and in good condition. The same holds true for your HVAC filter. If it’s not changed or cleaned on a regular basis, the particles caught in the filter will make their way back to you in the air.

Our Day Heating & Cooling professionals can recommend air purification and filtration options for your home. We have a wide variety of air filters, electronic air cleaners (EACs), and combination units that work well to improve your indoor air quality. Our team also repairs and maintains these units as well. Give us a call at 503-363-4822, and we can discuss your home’s needs.

Hybrid Heating

With a hybrid heating system, also known as a dual fuel system, you can have optimum control and flexibility over your home’s comfort and heating and cooling. This system combines two systems and operates as one, switching back and forth between the sources as needed. With our temperature fluctuations here in Corvallis, Oregon this type of heating-and-cooling system is gaining in popularity. Our Day Heating & Cooling technicians are taking more appointments for installations for this system, as well as repairs and maintenance.

A hybrid system consists of both a heat pump and a gas furnace. The heat pump system handles the heating and cooling of your home until the outside temperature dips down to approximately 35ºF–40ºF, when it can no longer find warm air to extract and transfer indoors. At that point, the hybrid heating system automatically shifts over to the gas furnace for your home’s heating needs. By primarily using the heat pump for heating, you gain all the benefits of a heat pump. This system only needs to use the furnace in a supplementary fashion, saving you energy costs.

Your home’s air conditioning needs are completely met through the heat pump portion of the system. It works like a traditional heat pump, extracting the warm air from inside your home and transferring it outdoors. You are still saving energy and money, as well as realizing top comfort in your home.

This dual fuel system allows for the greatest flexibility when it comes to economy and energy efficiency. When the outdoor conditions change, you are able to switch to the heating source that will maximize the system’s efficiency and your budget, putting you in direct control.

There are many efficiency combinations available when putting together a hybrid heating system, giving you even more flexibility. Call 503-363-4822 to talk with one of our highly knowledgeable and certified Day Heating & Cooling technicians––how we can help you improve your home’s comfort and save on energy with one of these systems.

Water Heaters

At Day Heating & Cooling, our professionals install, repair, and maintain all types of water heaters here in Corvallis, Oregon. Whatever you need, we can help, no matter what type tank it is––standard vent, direct vent, power vent, or tankless. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, in addition to deciding what type of tank you’ll need, you’ll want to consider other factors such as size, efficiency, fueling, and cost. Our professionals work with all types and can help you navigate your way through.

Traditional tank water heaters typically last 8 to 12 years with proper maintenance, tankless longer at 20 or more, again with proper maintenance. But at some point, you’ll find yourself faced with needing a new water heater. Things we’ll recommend you think about when making this decision will help you make the best decision for you and your home. Our technicians will ask for your preference for a traditional tank versus a tankless. We’ll also talk about the size of your current tank and decide if it’s appropriately sized for your home and needs. Efficiency of the tank is another subject we’ll consider with you, as all tanks have an energy-efficiency rating. Tying directly into the efficiency of a tank is its fueling source––electric, fuel oil, geothermal energy, natural gas, propane, or solar. Of course, all these topics directly affect the cost, and you’ll need to synthesize all of them to help you make your decision.

Even though there’s quite a bit to think about, don’t panic. Our knowledgeable Day Heating & Cooling professionals are available for a free consultation. We’ve been successfully helping area homeowners just like you for over 75 years and are available to you. Call us at 503-363-4822 to schedule your appointment today.

Whole House Humidifiers

When your home’s indoor air becomes too dry, it’s not good for you or your home. Keeping the proper humidity levels in your Corvallis, Oregon home can be a challenge without a whole house humidifier. Our professional technicians at Day Heating & Cooling are experts at determining the appropriate levels for your home and installing the right whole house humidifier, as well as repairing and maintaining it.

A whole house humidifier installs and integrates directly into your home’s heating-and-cooling system, which is superior to a portable or one room humidifier. With a whole house unit, the needed water vapor travels through your HVAC ductwork and is evenly distributed throughout your house along with the system’s air. Both you and your home can then reap its many benefits, such as better health, improved comfort, home preservation, and energy efficiency.

When your home’s air is lacking moisture and is too dry, your body can suffer from poor health. Not only will your throat, hair, skin, and nails be dry, scratchy, and brittle, your respiratory system can be more susceptible to pathogens and viruses. With improved humidity, once the dryness disappears, your home’s comfort will also improve. This encompasses your home’s possessions and structure as well. Having the correct moisture level allows your appliances and electrical devices to work better, your wood furniture, woodwork, and floors to remain supple and avoid drying out and cracking, and all your other household items to continue in favorable condition.

In addition to good health, there’s the energy-efficiency benefit to consider. When your home has good humidity levels, you can keep your thermostat at a lower temperature in colder weather. A whole house humidifier can help you feel warmer at lower temperatures, saving you both energy and money.

Call 503-363-4822 to speak to any of our Day Heating & Cooling team with any questions or requests you may have.

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