Your Thermal Guardian


I think it’s definitely time to share some more feline wisdom. If I go too long, you may go into withdrawal, and we wouldn’t want that to happen!

As I was taking a bath the other day (I guess I’m kind of like Timex – I take a “licking” and keep on ticking), I was considering my busy schedule for the day (no laughing, I’m a cat with plans). While I was pondering my planned events, I realized how busy life can be and how easy it is to overlook or forget those things that don’t scream for attention – like your heating and cooling system. That silent soldier that guards the comfort level of your home needs occasional attention. Adjustments, cleaning, filter changes and replacement of failing components all keep your system operating at peak efficiency and reliability. You change the oil in your car, go to the dentist and do a myriad of other things that maintain and bolster various aspects of yourself and your possessions – don’t forget to do the same for the system that keeps you warm all winter and cool all summer.

“How exactly do I do that?” you ask yourself (I talk to myself all the time, as it seems to be the only place I can get an intelligent answer). Well, I can help you with that. Some things you can do for yourself, like changing or cleaning your filter. For many of you, even this will be a challenge with your busy schedules. Other things need to be addressed by a professional, like cleaning and adjusting your system, as well as testing components to find out if they’re in the process of failing. Most manufacturers recommend that you have a professional maintain your system annually. Day Heating can take care of those needs for you. They have a fully trained and qualified staff of technicians that are experts in maintaining and repairing your equipment. On those occasions when your existing system decides it’s time to “retire” (after 20 years of “24/7” service, you’d be ready to retire, too), they also have an installation department staffed with craftsman that are experts in duct design and equipment installation.

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