Momma Left Town


It’s with mixed emotions that I say goodbye to Jenny

– sad because Jenny has been my Mamma since I arrived at Day Heating four years ago. She cooked for me (okay, she opened the can and fed me), she cleaned up after me and she entertained me (nobody can toss a kitty treat onto the lobby floor and get it to bounce like her). I’d lay on the desk in front of her keyboard just to see how much she would take before she “relocated” me.

– happy because on the occasions when they thought I “needed” it, Jenny gave me baths (bleakkkk). I never bit her (should have, but I didn’t), and I always took it like a man (well, after that first trip to the vet it’s as close to taking it like a man as I’m gonna get).

Jenny was more than our receptionist. She was our tax credit and rebate paperwork expert, processed invoices and was an absolute whirlwind when it came to data entry. She also helped in the service department when Luke was on vacation. She’ll be missed by all as she moves to Bend to attend college.

Now comes the tough part – training her replacement….Hey! You! You’re supposed to follow me when I go to the kitchen!!

Paw print.

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