Your Luggage is in the Flowerbed


The Pacific Northwest has a lot to offer – ocean beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes and a climate that’s perfectly suited to maximizing the performance of a heat pump. While there are many types of heat pump units, the two most common types are ducted and ductless. Ducted heat pumps have been around for over 60 years, and the technology just keeps getting better and better – but where most things tend to shrink as technology gets improves, the physical size of heat pumps has grown dramatically over the years. In many cases, today’s unit can be as much as three time larger than a unit of equivalent capacity from 30 years ago. The demand for higher efficiency can only be met in part by technology – the rest comes from having a larger coil surface area to exchange heat between the indoor and outdoor air.

However, ductless units have been able to squeeze more from the technology side and haven’t bulked up on the physical side like their ducted cousin. At close to the size of a checked piece of luggage, the ductless outdoor unit is roughly 40% smaller than the ducted outdoor unit. Better to have the luggage in the flowerbed than something the size of a small storage shed (although if they put doors on the side, you would have a place to park the riding lawn mower…).

A smaller outdoor footprint is not the only benefit of a ductless system. In many cases the major challenge of heating and cooling a space is getting ducting installed between the HVAC equipment and the space itself. With a ductless system, the indoor and outdoor units are connected with two insulated copper tubes – the bundle can easily fit into a 2” diameter space.

A ductless unit is not the answer in every case – the configuration of rooms and openness of the floor plan can play a big part in whether a ductless unit is a feasible choice or not – but it is an extremely efficient and flexible choice when properly applied.

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