“I've always liked the technicians sent out by Day Heating. They have been servicing my rental for years. Today I had a mystery problem in my own home that was causing the heater not to be able to keep up and my temperatures had continually sank over the preceding days.

They sent out Greg who is a big strong looking guy… like he could carry a couple air conditioners up a hill without a problem. Even with his large stature he crawled back to my in attic furnace and solved the mystery problem. He also fully used the hour to do all of the maintenance he could to make sure it would be a long time before I had to make another call.

I was interested in future work so I grabbed him and he let me babble in circles about a message I wanted taken back to his estimator. From the call I got from the estimator he didn't miss a thing. I'm not an easy guy to listen to. I never land the plain, as my wife says, and and talk in strange ways, according to my sons.

What I've found over the years is that their hourly rate is more than others but they get everything done faster (less hours) and, like Greg today, give you your money's worth.

Thanks for another rescue!


– Ken W.