The New Guy’s In My Chair


Change. Not my favorite thing (unless I’m finding it between the couch seat cushions), but sometimes it’s a necessary part of life. And while it is usually painful, change can often produce extremely positive results.
That brings me to some recent changes in the office at Day Heating. Starting in September, Luke began transitioning from his position as service manager to our design and estimation department. Now, I like an empty chair as well as the next cat, but Luke’s chair in the service department isn’t empty. Marq Hoffert has joined the Day Heating team and is taking over Luke’s service manager responsibilities. Marq’s many years of experience in our industry and his excellent customer service skills make him a perfect fit to help meet your heating and cooling needs. Call in today to schedule your fall maintenance and experience first-hand Marq’s contribution to the “Difference of Day Heating”.
Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to work on training him where the kitty treats are kept.

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