Veteran’s Day


Veteran. An experienced soldier or former member of the armed forces. When I hear the word, I think of an older gentleman who has seen combat (and, knowing how I can be during my doctor visits, I’m wondering if the word “veterinarian” wasn’t coined based on what I put the doctor through).

All joking aside, it’s difficult to put into words what we (as a country and as individuals) owe those who have given of themselves, their time and possibly even their very lives to ensure our freedom and the freedom of our children and grandchildren. We reserve one day during the year to overtly honor them, but we should take every opportunity to personally thank them. Few things have sent chills down my spine like being in an airport where a number of uniformed soldiers are disembarking from a flight and the people present spontaneously begin to applaud and thank them.

There are many organizations that can help you support soldiers currently serving our nation – everything from sending a simple thank you note to cakes and goodies. I encourage you to take the opportunity (not just on this one day, but through-out the year) to show your appreciation to our armed forces.

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